Adventure Week 2019



One hell of an adventure week.


Glad I saved my metal coat, had a feeling shiny onix would be released.


I’m freaking stoked, because this is going to Shiny hunt heaven for me. I never got any Shinies from the previous Adventure Week, so there’s going to be SIX opportunities for a Shiny for me here!

I’m really hoping Cranidos is a Field Research encounter as well.


I could use a good IV cranidos all of mine are terrible ivs. Same here hoping to get a shiny this adventure week


See, I have a great one already, but it’s 96% with 13 Attack, so I’m kind of hoping for a better one to capitalize on its mammoth attack.


I only have like one craindos so maybe I can get another!


50K Dust is all I’m interested in.
If I get the sparkly things so be it it. My chance 0.01% :rofl:


50k dust + 15 RC!


I only have 1 also and I won’t evolve it until I get a better one.


Question regarding the Adventure Synch… Does it just need we will turn it on on the PoGo settings? or it needs to be really working in synch with a Google Fit device?


Have you been getting the weekly rewards?


I would make sure that adventure sync enabled in setting


Didn’t I predict Adventure Week with Shiny Lileep and Shiny Anorith? :grin:


That dust is gonna be soo great, shame we only get it once
Does it stack with Star Piece?


I’m hyped! :smiley:


It seems like you get your weekly reward whether the sync setting is enabled to credit your distance walked while PoGo is off. You’ll still get weekly rewards without it, but probably only for the distance walked while PoGo is on.

Better to enable it just to be on the safe side, even if only for the adventure week.