Adventure sync - Rewards


I currently am at 16.5km.


I’m at 8km but it should be 13km.


I heard it resets on Sunday/Monday, will find out soon


when I claimed it my game crashed :sweat_smile: so no 25km reward for me


Wow, that’s unfortunate


Got rewarded agin.



50km or 25km?






well had 250+ but yeah rewards cap out.


They nerfed the stardust reward by 90%. Now its just a “meh” reward…


50km reward has everything in both 5km + 25km


when i first got into the game I claimed 50 km+ rewards then linked the adv sync and it said i had 20ish kms so I’m still confused…then got to 50 km and I couldn’t claim any reward at all, now I’m really really confused about this ‘‘feature’’. Also, it counts my kms, my candies but not calories burnt or steps taken, even though I linked the app and the app is tracking it fine.


Thats what was happening to me! Then I connected…


Anyone got a payout of the rewards from last week?
Here it is 8 am on Monday but still nothing.


Just received the reward at 9am local time. (8am UTC).


To me the same, Monday 9am local time

Reward for 182 km, 61 eggs:
20 pballs + 10 great + 5 ultra + 5km egg + 1500 Dust


Same, 09:00 2nd stage reward (managed 40km). 20 pokeballs, 10 greats and 1 rare candy.


I got same reward as you just now, but I only went 54 km last week.


I rarely walk less then 50 km a week.

It is good to know what time the payout is. Then we can manage if we could get egg(s) or not.