Advanced User Test :)


Figured it out quick, but don’t give up! It’s quite hard to find, I just got lucky. If you can’t figure it out, try messaging friends. Good luck :slight_smile:


But, what is ‘it’…?


@Jordeworm, the advanced user test in the badge section. Only 10 people have figured it out, but it really isn’t too difficult.


Oh, that😅
But why should you make a topic about that?


Trying to throw hints on how to get it.


I do not really care about the badges. One of the main reasons i am on the forum and to communicate with people all over the world and so i can communicate a lot more with native speakers of English, since i am doing Cambridge Track English on school. And we all share something in common. Our love for the game of Pokemon go! That makes it at least a tiny bit easier.

Also i just enjoy the forum.


I’m not going to play your silly games, Riddler!






a hint perhaps ?


When did you join?


A while back, but started following the forum couple days ago


Its very easy tho


Idk if I found it, because I don’t remember such feature being in the badge screen


I am a native speaker lol