Additional tip to include in friendship guide


I learned today something about friendship levels that I find enormously helpful for having some control over the process, and it’s something I believe could be helpful to include in the Hub’s friendship guide (at

Since friendship level can increase only once a day, it turns out to waste the things that increase levels if your level has already increased the current day. Learning to space out the friendship-increasing activities helps to streamline the path to best friend status (and helps to live within the limits placed on gifts opened per-day). That much is common knowledge. But how to know when to open the next gift or send the next gift to facilitate that kept frustrating me, kind of like trying to drive a stick-shift car without knowing how to use a clutch.

Today I learned that by looking at my friend list I can SEE which friendships have increased that day already and which haven’t. So if I limit my activities to those which haven’t, then I am getting value for what I do. The friend’s face shows against a circle background (the color of which corresponds to that friend’s team). AROUND that circle will show a light blue halo if that friend’s level has increased that day.

If I open a gift from a friend whose avatar has a halo, I strip that gift of its value for increasing friendship level; so both of us benefit if I hold off opening that gift until tomorrow.

I’m sure y’all knew that already – I just thought it would be helpful to add to your friendship guide, which was where I first learned the basics of using the friendship feature and which is called ‘comprehensive’ but still could be more informative to players trying to learn the best habits for competent play…


First, I wanted to thank you for taking the time to write all of this just to explain this to us
It was really interesting and I agree, It would be cool and helpful to add a friendship guide.

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