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Community Days have become a staple of gameplay for many of us. What Pokémon are you hoping to see in the future? What strategies do you employ when you venture out on community day? Please share your thoughts.


For most community days I will normally switch out my buddy to the CD Pokémon, place them in gyms & feed them to build extra candy.
However that strategy is only useful for those Pokémon I don’t have many candy for.
For the last couple of days I’ve also been frequenting my local shopping center which has a decent number of stops and an easy walking loop which we lure up.
Future days…? I’d like to see Abra & Machop.


I usually switch my buddy out to and beforehand try to catch as many as I can in the wild before the event and open as many gifts as I can to stock up on great balls and Ultra Balls just in case it is weather boosted and stock up on pineapples