About how many Bagons did you get during the most recent Community Day?


I’m just curious how many everyone got. I got around 80 normal Bagons, and 4 shiny Bagons. (One of which were 9 minutes before Community Day ended…)




wow good job!


12, no shiny


Probably 15-30, 1 shiny



  1. Started to do the fast catch trick in the last 30 minutes when i noticed that the guy who joined us in the last 45 was done catching everything on screen all the time whilst the rest of us still had 5+ to go. So that number is hopefully going up next month. (gonna need some more Ultra balls…)


183 and 4 Shiny
Only 1 IV above 90% and only got that as a friend phoned me that it was at her place.


188 of which 10 were shiny.


450+ at one point I had to transfer 30 some Pokémon because my bag was full :unamused:. I had 456 or 457 slots at he start and a handful of hatches and non event Pokémon mixed in so I don’t have an absolute count. I didn’t snag a screenshot of my count at the start.

Post event I managed a perfect IV and a pair of 96 lucky bagons so it’s been a really good event for me :smiley:


Isnt there already a topic about this?