A very Spooky Message Race



This website helps really good to keep track of the current and upcoming event. No more calculating when it ends:

Credits to @Robdebobrob for the link:


I made a topic;

same site tho.


Saw his link first :wink: (Actually, I totally mist yours :man_facepalming:) But his link was posted in the Dutch thread on the 8th of july. How could we all missed/forgotten this site and kept manually converting timezones… :man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming:



High iv right?


My son just finished his 108 berries on Thursday. Now he has to catch 10 dark types now that Halloween event is over, it will take him forever.






I spun his 8 new Pokestops today while he was at school.


I am still on stage 1…




I don’t feed Pokemon berries often


I just fed a lot of berries because I wanted to finish the quest.