A very Spooky Message Race





lol finally got it


So fast…

216 pokemon?


yup, 216 and that not even the hard part.


The 8 stops are hard?


Yes the 8 stops were hard, and I caught around 220+ I forgot to berry some mons.


Same. I dont usually berry fodder pokemon.


Lol right? I believe there were some bidofs that I forgot to berry, and was like please pop back out of the ball so I can berry you


haha i know that feeling. Trust i was hoping they poped out. I have almost no pokeballs or berries now. Only alot of golden and pinap which i save ofc.


Yeah that’s one of the downsides, I’m low on razz and pinap berries and my ball reserves are a little more then halved


I just started part 2.


This quest was great with the rewards. Silver Pinaps😈


Does anyone know how long we have to do this? Going on holiday on Sunday so finding 8 new stops will be pretty easy :joy:


All you have to do is start the quest before the Halloween Event ends. Then you can go at your own pace.


Phew was so worried


Finished this morning on the way to school.


Congrats! Will be on 108 berries for a while.


My son is still working on stage 1 feeding 108 berries.



Got it.