A very annoying bug during a Pokémon encounter


Who else has this bug? Or am I just the only one?


That’s insane. I don’t really understand how Niantic lets this slip through the net lol

I don’t personally have this bug.


Found a Reddit from TheSilphRoad on that. It is a bug.
Reddit The Silph Road on new catchbug.


There’s also a better bug: A Bellsprout ran away from me, but it is in my Pokémon Storage now. Maybe he ran in it. Don’t tell Niantic :shushing_face:

Is there a berry bug?

Did that happen when you had some problems with the connection?


It happens everytime


I had that happen once, but I was pulling up my iv calc and had just thrown a ball…I went back and it ran from the encounter, but it ended up in my storage


Did u try deleting and re-downloading??..I had a bug where everytime I clicked on a mon, the encounter would start by switching back from ar mode into regular…a simple uninstall and re install cleared that up easily.


@Jormdeworm … the slowpoke is running from you :joy::joy::joy::joy::blush::joy::joy::joy::joy::blush::joy::blush::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:.
It would rather get bit by a shelder than go in the ball…


Not only the Slowpoke…


What else?


Everything. It happens to every encounter.


So you can’t catch anything???:astonished::astonished::astonished:


Hmm, I can, after a lot of seconds…


I lot of times when the game glitches during an encounter, I end up catching that Pokemon.


My brother had a problem like this with grimer


I have it with everything, and everytime. It’s still ongoing. So annoying.

On the other side, it should stay until the 12th. I just want to know how shinies look like with this glitch :innocent:. At least the star animation won’t appear I guess.


Imagine that shiny eevee just running from you, not litteraly, of course :sweat_smile:


I was right with that…


You found a shiny???