A hybrid system for coin collection


Some people like the new system, some people want the old system back. Here are some of my ideas, but lets discuss below.

I also think we should get stardust along with our coins from gyms.

I also think we should be able to claim coins using the old system (to an extent).

Here’s how it could work. The old claiming system returns. This means you get 10 coins per gym, per day. The max could be 50 or 100. When your pokemon gets kicked out it gives you all the coins it has, up to 50 a day, as it does now. That way, it works for both kinds of areas. Now the number would be 10 hours as for 1 hour 40 after claiming the coins for a gym the pokemon do not pick up any more.

How it works for both kinds of areas.
The stagnant areas.
Gym stagnant areas are areas where gyms stay the same team for weeks, or even months. They would benefit from the coin claiming system as having a pokemon knocked out the gym is rare.

The high turnover areas.
These areas would see little to no change. In areas where 8 hour 20 treuces are in place those would have to be pushed up to 10 hours.


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