A Drive To Investigate



Please put in quest topic. Not sure how to do that


Nowadays, the problem is pokeballs, need at least 125 of them if you are very lucky enough to catch ever single one with one ball only


Yeah, I had been short on balls lately because I was sick. Only went out minimal times and relied on friend presents. Today I restocked on over hundred pokestops and gyms. Going to send 10 presents out at midnight because I can’t send out anymore until then.


Thanks. I hardly ever see Fire-, Electric- (besides Plusle & Minun) and Ice-type Pokémon, and I’m not going out that much this weekend, so I have now decided not to buy the Ticket for Genesect.


IIRC, the events usually give you the spawns you need to complete it. Been so long since we had one not related to Team Rocket though.


Yup. Event just started and so far I’ve seen all types necessary to complete it.


Thanks for the informative and so-easy-to-follow graphic laying out both the tasks and the rewards.

I didn’t plunk down the bucks to buy an early encounter with Regigigas, nor am I tempted to do so for Genesect. (I wouldn’t have done the Celebi, Spiritomb, or Jirachi adventures, either, if they had been monetized like this.)


I’m 2 hours in and still 6 away from completing normal types. This will take some time to complete, but at least it’s something different than the TR quests we keep getting over and over.


I just completed the water type stage and started the electric type. Of course there was a dude on my local Discord that went to our local park and completed the whole thing in like 3 hours. I just like having something new to do in the game.


I really enjoyed this event. I got 2 hundos: Trubbish and Shelmet, 3 Pokemon with great IVs: Karrablast, Scizor, and Genesect, 3 shinies: Snover, Growlithe and Meowth! :star_struck: :100: :four_leaf_clover: :sparkles: The spawns were amazing and I did many research tasks, but I stacked them, so who knows how many good IV Pokemon I got.