A Day's Journey


Post about what you caught and where you went today


Where to start got off of work this morning rode through the rodeo Arena I ride through every morning to hit my daily stop caught a bunch of junk when home went to bed. Woke up went to town and pop a regular lure didn’t get nothing good so I headed to work


Hoping to have a good Community Day tomorrow I’m lucky friends with my brother going to trade shiny Torchic to have shiny lucky Torchic


Off tonight and going out hunting later. I’ll post afterwards. :smiley:


Good luck



I did a 16 person absol raid

And I went to a glacial lure and magnetic lure and did the evolutions!


@VanHooIII i sent you a gift from there i think


Cool. I’ll have to open it later when I don’t have any egg slots. Gotta avoid those cursed friend eggs! :smiley: