8 Types of Pokemom GO Players in Singapore!


What type are you?


I don’t play in Singapore.


Wouldnt mind playing with those girls, im sure they’ll like a mewtwo or two🤪


No, just say what type you are.


I am the “Distracted Player”


I’d be distracted by those girls.


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Why???


I’m the “obsessed player”. But those girls are still hot. But not if the was a wild Snorlax or Dragonite around.


Haha the obsessed player story was AWESOME! :grin:


Same as you, but not TOO distracted, don’t want to walk into a lightpole or a pond.


Oh that has happened to me


It must be a rare mon.


It was Lapras.

I fell in a pond and a turtle bit my butt :joy:.


You must be joking.


It was worth it.


Yup you got that right


You sure have bittersweet memories of that Lapras


This is a youtuber called Jian Hao Tan
His a Singaporean


Somewhere between the Distracted and the bad boyfriend :rofl:


“f*$%ing hipsters” was pure gold. I’m a bit of a lost player. I save my last 30% battery to use Maps to return home, heh.