41 Dedicated PoGoers for big XP payout


Checking for interest on a way to max out XP gains from new friendship system. Not looking for nay-sayers or people who don’t understand/can’t keep up.

41 players total. From these you have 20 that you give a gift to daily. 20 different players will gift you daily. Every player is working on 40 friendships at the same time. You can have other friends but you can only give to the ones on your list. XP bonus’ happen at every friendship level… (Good 3,000 / Great 10,000 / Ultra 50,000 / Best 100,000)
If everyone is doing what they are supposed to everyday you will earn a minimum of 6,520,000 xp over 90 days. If you get all 20 gifts and open them at the same time with a lucky egg when bumping friendship levels you will earn 9,780,000 XP. In the highly unlikely event that everyone opens their gifts at the same time and you have a lucky egg the method would max out at 13,040,000 xp
All this for visiting some pokestops and sending 20 gifts a day.
At first I thought this was crazy and people wouldn’t go for it but I realize, people trying to get to level 40 in this game are a little crazy lol
So I’m looking for interest, to start ASAP. I’ll set everything up if I get 40 players who are dedicated to make it work. That’s a lot of guacamole for a tiny bit of effort. Let me know if you are interested otherwise happy gaming.


That is an amazing idea :+1:


i would be interested but i dont know if i could accumulate that many gifts each day but i would send out as many as i can


Hey man, that sounds really good. I’m in. Hit me up.


I am interested @EsoZ15


Lets do this.


This idea could help many trainers around the world. Fantastic. Would you object to others organising similar groups.


Go for it =]


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