3 Shiny in 2 Days


Super excited! Got a shiny Psyduck yesterday, a shiny Swablu this morning, and a shiny Zigzagoon just now! Now to just get a dang Ditto!




Somewhere in November I got three different shinies in 7 minutes only. ^_^Didn’t have all of them before. And no, it was not during an event where shinies were boosted. :grin: Just realized that I got three different shinies during November Community Day as well.


I’m very sure it happened another time to me that I got three different shinies in 24 hours. I can’t really remember it anymore. I’m doing some research tomorrow.

Also congrats


Y’all are too damn lucky Pass some around


Ditto disguised as shiny magikarp/zigzagoon/taillow lol

(Actually possible according to bulbapedia)


Magikarp is the strongest pokemon. For being so small and weak, jumping over mountains is no issue lol


Lol good one