2v2 pokemongo battles


Post your party. Team up with forum members or even people from your neighborhood. People will vote who would win.

Any1 want to team? vs? lets enjoy this.


I think me and @5GodLink could take just about any team would not want to go against him


How about, we make some rules.

No duplicate pokemon. sounds fair?


Me and @Branebs


This will be my party, nothing to to hard. I love a mon wit hydro pump😈


I don’t know who to team up with :sweat_smile::sob:


Be on team @Pokemon


Where is 5God? :rofl::sob:




Your Mewtwo named 5God


He might be my highest cp, but Omnipotent is highest IV and more potential. Plus i wasnt putting my strongest out to be more fair.
There might not be much lvl difference between 39 and 40 but there is between 35-39


anyone else gonna drop their party, or is this a flop PVP.



I really wanna know how blissy will fair. If i dont dodge dazzling gleam, it can go either way


Well its hqrd to beat as a defender and would be even harder as an attacker… If I ever get Mewtwo then ya ill replace it