2 EX raid passes in the same gym at different time


hello everybody! today arrived ex-passes in Mexico, but something curious happened, in the same gym the same day but at different times an ex raid will occur, does anyone know if this has happened before?


This is fairly normal for EX passes. Niantic try to put the passes for the time when they theorise that the gym will be at its busiest. If they can see that 400 people show up to the gym at 5pm, the EX raid there will be at 5pm. Plus, It gives you time to go from one raid to the other.


FFS, some people can’t get one and others can get double ups to have 2 cracks at it.
The system really is flawed and broken.

Nothing against the OP, some just get lucky while others don’t


I’ve seen this happen in our area, EX Raid passes for the same day but different times. I would go to the first EX raid pass time and try to join even if your pass says the later time. There might be a time setting issue with your phone. Also check with other local raiders who received an EX Raid pass to that location and day to see what time their pass says. Good luck!


It’s the same time. Look at the time stamp at the top of the images (15:05 (aka 3:05) and 4:12). Each is from a different time zone and so the game adjusts the time of the raid to reflect the correct time in that time zone. When you get into the time zone that the gym is in, the raid time will change. Either that, or as DD808 said, one phone is set an hour ahead.


I know someone who got 2 ex raid passes for same time same gym 2 oosted by weather mewto