15.15.9 ralts is it worth the power up?


I HAVE BEEN EVERY WHERE! and a 15.15.9 ralts cp 325 is the best I could find so far I 200 ralts candies. I want to evolve it but I don’t really know how that 9 in hp will effect her strength in battle. Plz drop some knowledge on me.


First, after evolving, you have enough candies to evolve other Ralts which is better.
And 15/15/9 really really isn’t bad. A 100% IV allways will be better, but if you want to wait until find him… maybe the game doesn’t exist any more when he appears…


IMHO Attack is the most important stat and matters the most.
You have plenty of Candy and with that amount can easily get more so I would evolve it.


how the H*CC did you get 200+ Ralts candy?!?!?!?!?!??!?


Cloudy weather, they’re pretty common then


I would evolve it, it’s 87%, but the 15 in attack, if it was 9/15/15 I wouldn’t.


To you…