1 year pokemon go



6 july is the official date for relase of our greate game.
What do you hope to happend this day?


@Flygross, I hope I catch a Pikachu!! I don’t have one yet. What do YOU hope happens? For something to benefit everyone, I would like a new item, maybe the master ball, and extra storage, and and for the free daily raid pass to be for 3 raids minimum. They should scrap selling those. Those 100 coins take too long to get sometimes. I would not spend them on raid passes.


I hope LEGENDARIES or GEN 3 releases on the 6th!


I’m thinking they might increase rare spawns or give everyone a free incubator/coins on the day - something small but still helpful.


I hope a legendary raid event occurs w/ 2xp & gen 3 releases… :+1:


I would like to have some regionals and double stardust for example.


Wouldn’t that defeat the whole rarity for regionals though?

Edit: I hope along with any celebration they at least give us insight on how Legendaries will be available


It’s expected that Legendaries will be released in a raid at Go-Fest, and will require a ‘legendary raid pass’. The rest we can only guess at for now.


Hopefully everyone gets legendary raid passes


They’ve already ruined the point of regionals because they’re going to be available in Chicago at go fest


I heard it was gonna be in Sydney as well as