1 Year Of the Forums!


The Forums are officially a year old! I would like to thank @apavlinovic for opening the forums, @Thorend for moderating so well for so long and i would like to thank all of our other long time users like @bagguille who’s been on the Forum since day 1!


Happy birthday Go Hub Forum :slight_smile:


Happy bday Go Hub.


:tada: Happy Birthday Go Hub forum


It’s been a fun year. If it wasn’t for the forums, I never would have gotten on Discord and never gotten any Legendaries. I just wish some people on my local Discord would participate in the forums. Happy Birthday!


Thank you to all the members who visit the forums and make this such an awesome place!


Thanks to everyone who is on this forum, it has significantly improved my gameplay and made the game and my free time much, much better!


Happy birthday go hub forum


Thanks for the insight and help these forums have provided.


I am glad I found this place and glad y’all here


I’m so thankful to all the leaders, mods, regulars, members, and basic users!


This site is pretty fun. Thanks to all that make it work.


You mean the mods and leaders :sweat: :sweat_smile:


Yup thanks to all


Basic users?


Like , @bobbyjack8?


Just noticed it don’t say member under my name


All the people that contribute to this site.


Yep those people are awesome! (Me and you and many others)


It’s just a good place