0.147.1 adds a LOT of new things


This just got weird…and very interesting.


Team Rocket? just in time for TRW


And what do you know? The update is out on all platforms.

Someone has us covered on here.




It’s the best update yet


What is Purified all about?
Team Rocket stuff meh.




It’s from a relatively obscure GameCube Pokemon series called Pokemon Colosseum, becoming a centerpiece concept in Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness. Basically, Shadow Pokemon are Pokemon corrupted through artificial means, and you can either leave them corrupted or purify them.


Thanks for the explanation.
Do they serve any use or benefit in corrupted form or is this just a cosmetic thing?


based on what? some datamining? The fact that team rocket seems to be making an appearance?
Guess all previously updates with friiends, PvP, raiding, and all previous stuff sucks for you?


Shadow moves are supereffective against everything


Somehow I doubt they’ll implement that into Pokemon GO, but I do see them giving them different stats to their moves in addition to their overall IVs.




Watch out when update!

Adventure Sync gets turned off!!!

Don’t forget to turn it on again.


Shadow Pokemon are the stolen pokemons (Team rocket was just a side track) that were used by the villans (grunts or stage performers) on fights. They had more power than the same level pokemon but could only use a move that was superefective against any pokemon but would get 10% damage themselfs. They would not get any experience or evolve. To get them back to normal, the player would need to fight (and walk!!!) with them until they could be purified by some special meanings (flute, stone or chamber). After that, they would be back to normal and could evolve and would get all the experience and moves they should have at the level they would get.
There where some enemies that steal pokemons from kids and want to be recognized has masters. Those where the grunts. Normally having 2 or 3 weak pokemons and a shadow that we could catch, during the fight, if we could survive to the shadow pokemon… And that´s the main point of Pokemon Colosseum and Xd: Gale of Darkness. The Xd was a reference to that Shadow Lugia that Giovanni had converted using a massive power energy and that, after we catch it, it can only be purified on the chamber, making a perfect connection between 36 pokemons. (perfect connection means a cicle of 4 pokemons where every of them weakness to the one before and is supereffective against the next one.)

For the game there are some, easy, ways for purification: Buddy (walk xkm to purified, make that 4 times), an Egg chamber (pokemon placed on a chamber, like an egg, and walking xkm to purify) or using items and/or locations (lures or new items).
For catching, probably there will be a light/shadow ball that we can only used when fighting to get a pokestop back to normal. Don´t know if it will go to the item bag or it´s like the raids and we get a number based on how we perform on the duels (more like this one, since it´s easier to implement, because there´s code for everything).


Giovanni has nothing to do with Shadow Pokemon tho


Shhhhh … We cant talk about Team Rocket here.


If it’s release related I don’t think it will be a problem, as long if it doesn’t end up a messy offtoppic conversation.


As long as it is serious you can talk about Team Rocket, unless it really doesn’t fit in the topic. If you just spam advertise about a Team Rocket week or whatever you’ll notice you’ll not be able to post for a few days. That said, I’m really looking forward to all these.


I think I think We’re gonna find out how good this is going to be