Zapdos Day Confirmed!

It is confirmed,thanks for telling me @Punica!:wink:

I don’t think it’s confirmed by niantic, but it makes a load of sense to be articuno,zapdos,moltres and mewtwo


zapdos are cool because they are the fastest bird species. It has to get a mega change in the pokemon ruby

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Source? Besides just Punica?


@MEME please not so many completely random posts!


I don’t know where he got this other than we talking about it yesterday at a raid.

that said, 3 big events planned, 1 had shiny articuno, 2 have still unknown ultra rewards. 1 and 1 is a very easy 2 in this case. Any1 with common sense knows it’s gonna be zapdos (and not Moltress)


Yes it will obviously be Zapdos, Moltres and maybe Mew or Mewtwo in raids. (shiny?)


obviously Mewtwo and Mew? That is really strechting it

  1. Mew will never be in raids. He is a mythical and you are only supposed to only ever have one (hence why you can’t trade them)
  2. Mewtwo, ónly if they replace him in EX raids. Having Mewtwo in normal raids (even for a short window) and in EX raids is something never will happen.

probability of your claim: 0,1%

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Punica is someone out of our group😀He knows when these things happen very quickly.

Well yeah, i fully expect it to be Zapdos, called that as soon as Articuno was announced. But @Kevin260709 said its confirmed. And tough common sense is nice, its not a confirmation :wink:

me telling you that this will happen is not the same as confirmation. So this topic is misleading although you meant well.

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So are we going to have new raid day before each Community Day? Our Articuno Day was awesome. We all started at one point and it was just a sea of nerds moving up the street to each gym. I think it was more fun than Community Day. I left after my 5 raid passes were used up, but I followed the rest of the 3 hours on Discord. I’m sure Niantic sold lots of raid passes on that day.

community day is roughly every month,
Safari zone and Go fest are 2 weeks apart, including the rewards.

So no, Zapdos will not be in the same weekend as the next CD by current planning.
Also, people are theorizing there will be no CD next month since no info has been posted yet + the current schedule of upcoming events makes it hard to fit in. Also, vacation time…

I like this claim probability of 50%

Before I re-read this, I was psyched, because my first impression was that it said ‘unown rewards’. (Unown and Ho-oh are two mons still on my wish list…)


Now its Confirmed :wink: