Your thoughts on the Reversal/Jonno Plays Drama

Now, if you don’t know Reversal has been in a twitter war with Jonno Plays and FsuAtl and I wanted to know your opinions on it.

It all started about two weeks before GoFest, and Fsu was trying to arrange a way to get into Chicago. Soon after, he announced that he had a contact to get him a QR code. This person was Jonno Plays, a smaller youtuber with 70k subs.

After it became apparent that Jonno had given Fsu that code, Mystic7 and Reversal got mad at him and attacked him on twitter. The whole incident caused Jonno to lose about 2 to 3 thousand subscribers.

The basis for their argument was that Jonno was helping a ‘cheater’ and deserved to be banned even though Jonno hit level 39 properly.

The basis for Jonno’s argument was this: the definition for a game is “an activity that one engages in for amusement”. Also, Jonno thought those who couldn’t walk deserved to play as well.

Whose side do you think is better, Reversal’s or Jonno’s?

The games terms of service are a contract that one willingly enters into when they start playing the game. To give out that QR code to someone who has expressed the soul purpose of getting it was to break the terms of service is at the least bad judgement and at the worst a blatant violation of the ter,s of service.

It’s true that a game is something played for fun, but when your activity affects others in a negative way then you shouldn’t do it period.

How is it fair to the rest of us who didn’t get to attend that he get to break the rules, go for free, reap the benefits and make money on YouTube from it?

Reversal and Mystic are in the right on this one and the other knuckleheads need to rethink their position.


Your point is very valid. However, surely if Jonno paid for the entry he had full rights to hand the code to someone else? Just as an example, if you buy a car and let someone drive it to a robbery ( probably the most extreme scenario ever) whose fault is it, the owner or the driver?
Personally, I am on neither side as Reversal overreacted by calling Jonno a horrible human and Jonno is in league with the Giovanni of the Pokémon go community.

if you knowingly give that car in your example to someone who has expressed he or she is going to use it to commit a crime then your are an accessory to committing the crime.

By knowingly giving his ticket to someone who expressly wants it to cheat it it means Jonno took part in the cheating. It’s not fair to legit players that he gave the ticket to someone who used it to cheat and profit from cheating (made money from his YouTube channel based on his cheating).


Guess you’re right. I don’t really mind spoofers, but the one thing that I didn’t get was how he got he $100 in PokeCoins for nothing. Otherwise, they can keep to themselves. I understand where people are coming from, but I don’t mind.

You always defend hackers and spoofers and have admitted to doing it yourself. It’s cheating. Period. They’re cheaters and so are/were you.

Johno is a useless YouTuber anyway. He definitely spoofs even though he doesn’t broadcast it. I’ve only seen 2-3 of his videos and I wish I hadn’t even given him those clicks.

If you aren’t able to play the game, find something else to play. I want to be a professional basketball player, but I lack the ability, so I’m not.


Ok, your points are all valid but I have a question for you. Reversal said that Jonno was a “truly pathetic human being”. Is that taking it too far?

Also, I have admitted to spoofing in January as a result of a leg injury. I have stopped doing that.

Reversal is entitled to his opinions as are you Josh.


I know, just trying to start a decent conversation here😊

I’ve met Jonno and even played with Jonno but…

Once Jonno sued Niantic, that settled it for me. That’s not how to do things.

Reversal btw has always been right, it’s just some people don’t want to play by the rules


Jonno isn’t that bad honestly.

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I kinda forgot I started this thread tbh😁

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To be honest, I don’t care about the harassment between Youtubers. No matter the Youtubers are Mystic7, TrainerTips, Reversal, Fsuatl or Jonno Plays, they target at increasing popularity to earn money/gain profit through YouTube - their source of income. But in fact, Pokemon GO is just a tool of earning money. If they want to be the top Youtuber, they must compete with each other at all means. Youtubers are always craftier than you thought. Who knows whether they’ve signed up contracts surreptitiously? Yeah that means maybe Fsuatl is a spy, works for Niantic as an insider to report spoofers.

Hmm if you call it as a drama, there could be a more accurate word to resemble for the harassment between Reversal and Jonno Plays, and that’s struggling. They know that if anyone of them beat the competitor (YouTube), the winner can seek the loser as a stepping stone and archive higher place. That’s the dark side of Youtubers. Whether you believe or not, they’re all egoist. Claiming against spoofing is only a way of pretending to be lofty. However, the lamentable truth is that people are taken away by them and lead to laceration of POGO community.

We have intelligence. Don’t let Youtubers’ thought parasitize in your mind. Why do guys couldn’t be neutral on stuffs? Nothing is absolutely right or wrong. Although spoofers violates Terms of Service, but can’t we give them a chance to turn over a new leaf? Who didn’t do anything wrong in the past? Is that incredibly hard to forgive/pardon spoofers? Pokemon GO is just a game, which I don’t want any incident occurs. If you’re a fan of these Youtubers, try to think individually and don’t be manipulated. That’s all I want to say, thank you.

One more thing: I don’t support spoofing. I’m also discourage the behaviour of spoofing.

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well i dont know…I watch both of them , but maybe reversal is right

@Thorend please close this one now, old news at this point.