Your Thoughts on Jurassic World Alive?

I feel like its going to be pretty interesting to have the JP series in an AR mobile game. Definately got inspiration from Pokemon Go, and even the trailer looks like Pokemon Go advert, but i hope they dont repeat Niantic’s mistakes.

It’s trash, since A: its got nothing to do with Pokémon Go, and B: It’s a Pokémon go clone


If it’s a clone then it kinda does have something to do with PoGo


Where in Jurassic World is there a Pikachu or a Baltoy?

I said because it’s a clone not because it has the same characters (which it doesn’t)

But still, nothing to do with the app, just because it’s an AR game with creatures doesn’t mean It’s a clone

looks good but very similar to pokemon go. Ill play it in my free time

My 10 year son got his first cell phone at Christmas. Guaranteed he will download and play this game.

You said it was a clone

How is it a Pokémon GO clone? Do you know that AR games existed even before Pokémon GO?

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It is a clone because there are features that are very similar to Pokémon GO

Like the map, which they cant do much with anyways
Just wait for the game to come out ffs

Stopped caring about Dinos once I saw Jurassic Park. That movie was soo cheesy, it ruined the mystery around dinos for me.

Will play when it comes out, already registered. Looks very cool.

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When is this coming out anyway?

I’m guessing right around when the new movie comes out. If they miss the movie premier date, it probably won’t catch on.

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I played it for a while now, it wont replace pogo for me but I love the pvp and if niantic wont go with something at least similar it will be a huge loss on their end IMO

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I agree too. I play both and, as much as I enjoy the surplus supply drops and being able to battle anywhere, it will never be as good as pogo

True, this is the only reason I still keep it - pvp at any point so I could play when I have time but cant go out for pogo. Now Ive never played main pokemon games but from people that has I learned that battling is pretty similar to that on JWA thats why I think niantic would miss out on that one as it is simple and suitable for all level players and all pokemon would have a use as game randomly picks team of your team. As I say it would combine all, luck, knowledge and love for your pokemon

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Yes, I think this is a battling system that would work better for pvp and be more true to the original games