Your recently caught pokemon

Post daily recent caught pokemon.

I don’t keep a lot of my catches

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If you insist…

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I dont think many trainers keep alot of their catches. I kept bulbas for xp this sunday.

Dratini and Chimecho were egg hatches

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At least good for me


This is a typical trip to work with the Go Plus.


Lugia with go pluss? lol jk

That sandshrew sure is impressive. What are it’s IVs?

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Don’t know the exact as it never appraised as 100% so it went to the Candy Grinder. It was in the 82-100% though.

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Finally have something decent to show been transfering almost everything

Yay Latias and Latios are in the game

You all have mew…im on stage three but crusising… I have 380 magikarp candies so im ok!

Ive used like 170 rare candies lol

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lmaoo whaaatt!? i dont even got 1 candy.