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Your PVP Roster

I have a good iv high cp

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And any level 40 Pokemon still wipes the floor with Ditto since

  1. its HP stays the same and
  2. Transform takes time
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Its hp stays the same?!?
And noone i know has lvl 40 mons

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yes it does

Can’t find where the topic about pokemon party is, so this the next best place!

Here is my Party that i use 100% the time. Half the time nothing get passed the first 2 mewtwo

edit - switched Hitta with 5God it was like this because i was fighting Deoxy

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My roster has gotten much stronger since my first post. Not to mention i mighy start using my other legendaries. :thinking: hmm

For Ultra I’ll use 3 Mewtwo
If same Pokemon are not allowed I’ll use one Mewtwo one Zapdos one Moltres

I have some legendaries under 1500CP
I’ll probably use them for great league


Good luck

anything under the limit cp, will and can be powered up any time. Anything that can be swapped with a stronger legendary will be swapped. These are my non-legendary league pokemon. :man_shrugging:t5:

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So hyped for PVP and all the possibilities it might bring. Potential game changer, definitely.

I have so many decisions to make now with my army of Pokemon. My best options currently:


Tyranitar - 3834
Dragonite - 3792
Metagross - 3777
Rhyperior - 3724
Salamence - 3704
Gyarados - 3384
Gardevoir - 3086
Machamp - 3056


Aloloan Sandslash - 2415
Flareon - 2392
Victreebel - 2388
Empoleon - 2345
Mewtwo - 2337
Deoxys - 2227
Snorlax - 2147
Lapras - 2133


Celebi - 1473
Entei - 14703
Breloom - 1487
Starmie - 1463
Raikou - 1462
Blastoise - 1457
Granbull - 1433
Primeape - 1427

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Everyone is using lapras

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He happened to land just under my 1500 (and he has high IVs, decent Ice Mon I guess

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Considering dragonite will be everywhere its a good choice

I doubt we will see much in the Great League tbh

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but if you can get like 1000 dust or whatever a day for each or one battle a day in each I guess it will be used.

Otherwise then yes master leaugue and ultra will be much more popular

my new teams:

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Why heracross???

idk what to put for a 6th🤷🏾‍♂️

It is in master league???