Your Most Hyped Gen 4 Evolution

First off, im hyped for pretty much every new evolution in Gen 4. But the one evolution that really hypes me is Roserade, i find Roserade to have a pretty cool design, and we finally have a purpose for those Roselia candies

Gallade and Froslass because I really really like them.
Honchkrow because of candies.
Mamoswine because it’s badass.
And Weavile because of my 100% Sneasel.

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Rhyperior for sure, Gen 4 is probably coming around summer (July-August)

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Also if Mythicals ever come out then Arceus

I doubt it, it’ll probably be at the end of the year, like what they did with gen 2 and 3

My favorite Pokémon of all time is froslass, so I’m still trying to find a (female) shiny snorunt

Most likely Rhyperior or PorgygonZ. Both could be game changers in the gym meta

PorygonZ is going to be hard to get

I’m looking forward to Togekiss and Porygon-Z the most, mainly because I use them a lot in competitive. Two of my favorite special attackers and pretty underrated imo.

I don’t know how good they’ll be in GO, but I hope they’re at least somewhat viable options in the metagame. I doubt they’ll be in Dragonite’s league, but we’ll have to wait and see

Not for me, I have 332 Porygon Candy

Did you use rare candies?

Ryperior, Mamoswine, and PorygonZ. Should have enough candy for all 3. Also Leafeon and Glaceon. But they will probably have some gimmick to evolve them.

I personally am hyped for probopass because of my 100% iv nosepass.

^^^Forgot about him. I should have enough candy for that too. And Murkrow evolves too.

Definetly Mamoswine. I am also excited for Rhyperior and Tangrowth.

No, almost all my 10ks hatch porygon.

Not everyone has that much candy

I didnt say it would be easy for everyone either