Your honest thoughts on Niantic?

You can there unleash all of your hate on Niantic, or say something nice about them. I will not say my opinion because its pretty obvious (i hate them so much since everything they add to game always needs to be against me but is good for Mystic7, Reversal etc.)

  • Niantic is good
  • Niantic is good, but they could make some improvements with themselfes
  • They suck so bad!!!11!!!1!

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Could you add the option ‘idk’ or ‘neutral on Niantic’?

I’m unable to do it, give me some time

That’s a common problem.:expressionless: @Thorend, @Elevatorisbest is waiting for your permission to edit his poll.

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Poll edits can only be done within 5 mins of the poll being published. Sorry guys.

So at least add to the poll “I don’t know”