Your destination

Is Pokémon Go heavily played in your area?

Is the weather decent?

No need to tell where you are just talk the positives and negatives.

Where i live:
Bad weather
No spawns
No Pokestops
Lack of gyms
Friendly people
Many variety of pokemon(if they do pop up)

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Weather: Mostly Cloudy and Partly Cloudy.
Spawns: Only where the PokéStops are.
PokéStops: Here and there, the most are nearby to water. They only disappear atm.
Gyms: Literally, no variety. Places with none, places with like 10.
People: Seldomly meet them.
Spawn variety: a great variety, but it’s bound to the weather.

Unlucky you

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I like how you formatted it. Might need to edit my opener😇

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Weather: Now that winter is gone no more snowy, but we get all sorts. Foggy is quite rare tough.
Spawns: No more dratini since gen 3. But all kinds. Ive gone to a seperate place for my totodile’s, but thats pretty much it. Everything eventually spawns here. Edge of the city gets the specials like snorlax, gyarados and such.
Pokestops: hundreds
Gyms: about 120
People: 150.000 residents. about 100~300 people with varying levels of activity. With the weather warming up you see alot more level 25~33 coming out.

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Wish where i was would stay one season.

Thursday felt good now today is snow storm.

Weather: usually cloudy/partly cloudy but we’ve had every type multiple times
Spawns: spawns are fantastic across campus and in the nearby park, at stops and away from them.
Pokestops: on campus stops are everywhere, off campus they are pretty far apart.
Gyms: 18 gyms on or around campus, although they are usually bunched together in groups of 2-3
People: Amazing community! We have around 200 active players and all get along very well.

Overall, I’m very lucky to be where I am. Before arriving to my school I lived in an extremely rural area where I had to drive 45 minutes to get to a stop. The change is incredible and I’m very thankful!

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Weather: mostly Cloudy/Partly Cloudy
Spawns: barboach everywhere, and there is a rural part close to my home, but it is only 1,5 SqMile. But there are Some decent spawns over there.
Pokestops: 20 on the route to school…
Gyms: another 10 on the route to school (biking to school is just enough to incubate a 5km egg)
People: mostly Nice, except for Some power hungry people who kicked me from a whattsapp group just becouse I couldn’t make it to an ex raid. (Luckily there are more groups) But overall, Nice people.

Size of community: <500 players in the Hague and “regio Delfland”

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Weather: in real life, constant rain. In actual game, a mix of everything except clear and fog.
Spawns: High count, not great variety, high density, spread
Pokestops: high density
Gyms: in clusters around the town, and then a couple of alone gyms
People: Nice but not many

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Weather: cloudy
Spawns: Low number of spawns, but like 6 times in a year a pkmon like dragonite pops up
Pokestops: 5 in 3km2
Gyms: 2 in 3km2
People: Only met 2 others and never saw them again

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Wish i could see dragonite spawn😴

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Weather: Everthing, from sunny to snow. I don’t remember having the game displaying “foggy” though.

Spawns: OK. I do have spawn points at home and there are plenty on my way to work (I walk there). The best thing that spawned here was an Unown. Haven’t seen something like Dragonite or Snorlax for a very long time, but it has happened.

Pokestops: 4 in sight from home, 8 on my way to work

Gyms: 3 in sight from home, 3 on my way to work

People: There are two groups due to some incidence, I’m OK (and raiding) with both. All in all we probably are 10 very active players + another 10 occasional players. In order to get enough accounts together for legendaries, many players have a second account.

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Weather: ususally cloudy, but often rainy
Spawns: not too bad, got a spawnpoint in my house
Pokestops: there’s 2 within 1.5 miles (ish) of me
Gyms: 2 within 2 miles
People: decent sized raid group, across Discord and whatsapp there’s about 50 active players.

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Yeah, I’ve only seen Foggy and Snowy twice I guess

Weather: everything except snow
Spawns: if I’m at work, they’re everywhere. At home, only a few spawn points within reasonable walking distance
Pokestop: at work, they’re everywhere, at home there are none
Gyms: same as pokestops
People: I meet a lot of people around the city where I work. There is a pretty good community thanks to raids. I don’t know anyone near my house that plays
Spawn variety has improved thanks to weather, but it seems like they choose one or two of each type to be greatly boosted during weather and the others are the same…for example, cloudy weather spawns more fighting types, but for me it’s only Heracross and makuhita that are increased. Mankey and machop are just as uncommon as ever.

Weather:partly cloudly or cloudy/rain. It’s the UK so clear is fairly rare but being in the South we only had 3 days of snowy weather.
Spawns: lots of spawns, can usually catch 5-6 mons in my lounge each time I log on but there are far more in the town centre. As a whole most common type is water spawns but from what I’ve seen something’s in the UK are considered rare elsewhere in the world.
Pokestops: everywhere, some areas are a little quite but there are 3 within 100m of my house. Town centre (about a mile from my house) is filled.
Gyms: everywhere, I can see 4 from my house which are my regulars. For most gyms they will change teams multiple times a day so stagnation isn’t an issue but has made gyms highly competitive (which I personally enjoy) but can make getting coins hard for lower levels. If gym is weak it will be taken, even happens late at night a lot though I have a feelifeeling that’s due to the amount of bars and around my area and town centre meaning people are out late.
People: mixed, some people are happy to talk and raid regardless of level of player or playing. However there are some groups who have an elitist standard and won’t raid with you simply because they want to try do the legendary as a duo or trio or just pass judgement on lower level or those who just went as intense. Though there are generally enough nice people to do raids in the town centre but rare to encounter people outside (aside from my close freinds). it can just be disheartening that some of the best players have this elitist mindset. I personally function with whoever I encounter but me, my gf and friends generally get by with most stuff.

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