You are the master of wich legendary dog

Wich legendary dog you have caught the most and how many ran away.Mine is suicune with seen 10 and caught 9.I am the suicune master

Suicune: 4 seen 1 caught
Raikou: 5 seen 4 caught
Entei: 0 seen 0 caught (today is the first day of Entei for me)

I guess that makes me a Raikou ‚Äúmaster‚ÄĚ?

Raikou: 3/4
Entei: 4/6
Suicune: 2/7…for some reason, having trouble with this beast

I was 35/51 on Raikou, 58/65 Entei, and 3/4 on Suicune! I guess Entei! Had 23 in a row before missing. Thanks Prodigies Nation!!!

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I’m 13/15 for suicune, 7/8 for entei, and 1/1 for raikou. Therefore I AM THE SUICUNE MASTER!!!

I have:
Suicune: 1 seen, 0 caught
Entei: 1 seen, 0 caught
Raikou: 0 seen 0 caught
So technically im master of losing…

btw @Thorend it should be locked long time ago i guess since legendary dogs are gone now

Entei 3 seen 1 caught
That’s it.

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