Yet another Search Cheat Sheet (English and German version)

I wasn’t sure where to post this, so I thought the help category sounds somewhat fitting.
When I started this, there was no really complete search cheat sheet or tutorial (though I thinks the GoHub article now is complete), so I wanted to try composing one myself. I’ve never before made any infographics or something like this, so I don’t know anything about what size they should be or how to make a nice layout… (And I just notice that uploading them here reduces the quality, sorry for that.)
But maybe someone finds it useful anyway. “Bug reports” and “feature requests” very welcome, but please be gentle :smile:
(I also have them in PDF format but I can’t upload them here)




This is great! Thank you!

Looks quite good. The German one is good for me to bring up my German.


I’ve translated it to spanish, only there are two I don’t find.
One is for to filter Pokémon which only can be caught by hatching an egg (babies).
The other one are the genderless, I had to make a “it’s not male AND it’s not female”.



When I find time, I could re-do this using my template (giving you credit for the translation). If you don’t mind, of course. :thinking:

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Shurely you can, I’ve done it for to help, not for ownership.

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Thanks for the sheet