Yay new research and zapdos

So new news was anounced… New field research for electric and flying types will be released on April 1, with new tasks that are based off your skill. Zapdos will be the Research Breathrough pokemon, confirming that the pokemon changes every month. What are your thoughts and opinions of this?

  • Very excited to get my own Zapdos!
  • Very excited to play with the new research features!
  • Excited to know that the research pokemon changes every month!

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I called it.

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@Mapman42 I guess we are both excited! Do you have Zapdos? Was not able to do those raids then… will be my first like Moltres and in the future Articuno

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I’m excited to get more zapdos candy…it’s my team bird and I would like a strong one. I was able to get five the first time it was out, but I didn’t get one worth putting rare candy into it to power up.


So I guess our only options are excited and very excited? I am excited, but maybe there should be more options…

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I didn’t guess the Zapdos, but I was betting on it being a monthly change at best from the first week. :slight_smile:


Needed Articuno more but still excited.

I’ll get my 4th Moltres encounter at midnight. Then I will have time to get 5 more stamps before Zapados change over.

I dont have Zapdos
But i still need to catch my 3rd moltres today…

I managed to get 1 zapdos. But articuno is the one i really need…

I have seen 1 caught 1 on Articuno.
Zapdos is very welcome for me since I’m Instinct.
But Zapdos or not, it’s still a legendary encounter!!

Legendaries are legendaries! I wasn’t able to get any of the birds, so this is great for me. Happy with my 3 moltres right now but most excited for articuno!

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Articuno: seen 3 caught 0. Be glad to get this on my birthday (a Friday in June)

I’ll go out on a limb and say articuno shows up in June…although knowing niantic it will be entei or something

That means beast dogs are also coming throw field research after birds are going.

They will probably start putting out Legendary dogs as research breakthroughs when Celibi quest starts.