Yanma turns into Ditto

Straight up. Never seen or heard of it before, but dude recorded it and showed me.

Maybe other new stuff will show too?

Edit: Still on my nearby so I caught it. Tried to capture the transformation.


That’s been a possibility since the beginning of Gen2.

Really? I wasn’t aware…like, at all. Never seen it. Nor heard of anyone else seeing it. The list I know is pidgey, ratatta, zubat, magikarp, sentret, and hoothoot.

Makes sense, right? Garbage tier commons. Yanma, on the other hand, might still be garbage tier, but certainly not common.

Still, any others I should know about?

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Shiny Pikachu can also transform into a Ditto.

Any pokemon can turn into a ditto (even a raid boss, however I don’t think anyone has been that unlucky as of yet).
Its just pidgey, ratatta, zubat, magikarp, sentret, and hoothoot have higher chances

Where did you get this knowledge from?

I thought that was kinda rare too. I had no idea.

This is absolutely false. Only a handful of Pokemon have the chance to be Ditto, and that pool has only seen very minor adjustments.

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My Yanma also turned into Ditto the other day. The Yanma was an 842 Yanma that turned into a 453 Ditto. It was average IVs, but still very upsetting to happen.

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Why upsetting? You don’t like the Ditto’s? You like much the Yanma’s?
I have 6 Dittos and 3 Yanmas, but I’ve never thought which of them I like more.

Yanma Is Incredibly Rare, That’s All


Whow, so like you have a place for unowns, here in Valencia are one for Yanmas.
It’s not that they are common, but never I thought that they could be rare

If You Ever Want Something To Beat Me At, Just Know I’ve Only Ever Had 2 Yanma.

Hihihi, I’m happy, another beeeeer to this table…
No, I know you are a quite “better” or more serious player than I, but it’s nice that there are at least “one” beast I have more.

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In my near park i have nest of Yanmas, so they aren’t that rare

Let’s Rephrase That Statement: Yanma Is Incredibly Rare In England.


You can even have a shiny, such as pikachu or magikarp, turn into a regular ditto

Does it change, at least, in a shiny Ditto? Hahahaha

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Nothing that changes into Ditto has a Shiny version because Ditto can not be Shiny… for now.

That’s not true, magikarp can transform into ditto and there have been confirmed cases of shiny ones transforming into normal ditto