X RAIDS what the heck

My wife and I were invited to our first Exraid last week for a Monday at 1 - 1:45. Who can really make it to a raid in the middle of the day during the week?

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Yup. Keep trying for an ex pass.

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Get used to it. They will be midweek for another couple of months and how exactly the game determines that time is still a big unknown.
I’m involved in group that has spent a fair amount of time in testing Ex Raid time manipulation but we haven’t been able to come up with enough evidence to suggest how it’s determined. Some weeks we were successful in triggering one after 4pm and other weeks we got the 12pm - 2pm ones. Unless you sat on the Gym the and recorded how many trainers did every Raid and at what time that was on the Gym for the week there’s no way to know. That doesn’t account for the GPS Cheats that might Raid it as well.
We targeted low traffic ones that weren’t getting passes for our trials.

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We had 3 EX raids yesterday 1-3pm. To answer your question at least 35-40 accounts attended them

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It was a broken raid.

Normally they were on Fridays and weekeds and will be different next wave.

I wish you and your wife the best of luck.

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Well its 07:47 in the morning and i just got home from work so yeah… I dont mind times like those.

Where I am it’s 1am. I should really go to sleep…

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Same here. I work every weekend (Saturday and Sunday). Not great for events like community days. And I mostly work during the late afternoon and the evening. So I’m pretty happy with ex-raids on Mondays or Tuesdays, since those are my days off.

Normally they were on friday and weekends? Not true. Ask any regular ex raider and they will tell you most ex raids are played during weekdays, and not just the 5:2 ratio because of the number of days in a week

Different next wave? 95% chance not true and will be again on monday/tuesday depending on your timezone.

also @OP: welcome to EX raiding. Your complaint however is old and heared many times before. Sadly Niantic is not listening to us. I suspect the pass-sharing feature has something to do with this, to keep attendance up with these crappy times they have to be played.


I shared the pass with someone that I thought might be able to attend. He said there were too few there to win the raid. He stated that the last one he was invited too was earlier, mid week. If they had it at 4pm or later my wife and I would at least have a chance to go.

To few to win for Deoxys is 1 good player, or like 4 with low levels.

If you can’t make the raid, be sure to share it with a friend.

He is level 35 with 2 new twos

I did share it with someone that I thought could make it


Isn’t the new rule for this: be sure to share, period. Not being able to attend has nothing to do with it.

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That I don’t know this was our first ex raid invite, so we sent the invite out to people we thought might make it

Dang, thanks for the help

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EX raids are on stupid times, i experienced it