Would Pokémon GO run on a Nokia 1?

Hi everyone,
I was thinking about getting myself some kind of backup phone. I still have my old Nexus 5 which still works, but it sometimes has trouble with the power button… it’s just a matter of time that I won’t get it powered on any more…
I have heard about that Nokia 1 which is less than 100€ (I’ve already seen it for 79€) and runs a special Android version for weaker phones called “Android Go”, which is based on Android 8.1.
Does anyone have an idea whether Pokémon Go would run on it?

No it wouldn’t run. Not enough ram.
2GB of ram is adviced, 1GB is not enough. 1,5gb might play it now, but the game is growing, so most likely will the hardware requirements.

Can’t find the hardware requirements atm on de Pokemon Go site

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Thought so (couldn’t find a detailed source for the hardware requirements either…)… Thanks anyway.:grinning:

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Niantic should state more clearly what the hardware requirements are.

This is what I could find on the official site:

Android 4.4 or above
Preferred resolution of 720x1280 pixels (Not optimized for tablet)
Strong internet connection (Wi-Fi, 3G, or 4G)
GPS and Location Services
Rooted devices are not supported

When looking around on Reddit, most people advice to go above 2gb, as it is seen as a bare minimum for playing. If there are people complaining over lag or stability it are mostly people with a RAM of 2GB (or less). I think you’ll need to think about a phone with 4gb RAM.

And to see if that phone has issues with Pokemon Go, go search google, “phone name + Pokemon Go” and see what pops up.

Good luck with your search.

That’s what I did first, and at that time without success - that’s why I asked here :wink:

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