Would Niantics consider to have activities in Hong Kong?

Many Hong Kong Pokemon Go players are not good presenting with English. They are seldom expressing their thinking in this famous Pokemon Go Forum. Here I try to express the opinion I had heard from the Hong Kong fans when we are enjoying in Raid Battles. In fact, we always found there are more than 20 fans are enjoying the Raid battles while the Black Eggs and the Lengendaries appeared, especially after work and the weekend. Hong Kong fans would like to have the Lengendaries Raid Battles time period extending to ten or elven o’clock at night. You know, HK is a city with people in streets with 24hrs. People always work overtime and they have time to join the battles after work or after overtime or weekends with their boys and girls. Also, many HK fans hope to have Special Group Raid Battles or else activities held in Hong Kong. More days at weekends for the activities are expecting. Thank you your attention and we hope Niantics can hear our voices. Thanks!

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I come from HK as well. However I bet HongKongers might be able to speak English like what I did in the previous post.

I appreciate your move representing us (HongKongers) to make a post on the Pokemon GO community.

Niantic should consider the opinion from our Pokemon GO fan base surely.

Advice:state your comments in traditional Chinese

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I doubt that regional Pokemon GO event will be operated in Hong Kong according to their theory.

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