Worst moment

What was your worst Pokemon Go moment?

Mine was when I was looking for shiny Manetric for a while and did’t see one. After giving up I saw an elusive ghost pokemon that I needed for a challenge. After wasting all of my pokeballs on it I exited and went to go buy more. Instead I accidentally clicked on a SHINY MANETRIC but had absolutely no way to catch it. I immediately left and went to the shop to buy more but by then it had despawned.

This happened a few days ago so I thought it would be fun to hear what all of your worst moments were.

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Sometime ago I had a Hundo on screen, ready to be catched. In this I received a phonecall which I had to attend. After the call I found that my phone had decided to close the app. And when I entered again the Hundo had gone… :frowning_face:


I once got kicked from an Incensed Shiny because of the Egg Hatch Animation glitching. I don’t think I need to explain what happened next.


Back in the day (first week of pokemon go) there was a wild golduck, with ???CP. so for me that co was over 1500; and I ran out of balls catching it. Ran back for a pokestop for some balls, ran to the golduck, tried catching it, ran out of balls again

That is the worst thing by what I can remember at the moment


I caught the uber rare mythical “Girlfriend” while playing PoGo. Sadly she’s Mythical so i can’t transfer her away… jk :slight_smile:

I’ve had several shinies on the Gotcha ran away from me, last 2 weeks happened twice with a blitzle and an event hat Chimchar.
I’ve always accepted the risk of shinies versus Gotcha but sometimes the darn thing is faster than me checking the spawns and it already tries to catch a pokemon i’m checking. I’ve had multiple times the opposite happened where it did catch a shiny. Also i’ve caught so many shines just by autocatching with it without me even checking that it is more then worth the few that flee.
Still sucked so hard I stopped using the gotcha for a few days.

Can’t remember other things, although there should be more with 5 years playtime.


Shurely, but the good moments in my case compensate a lot.

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After hearing so much hype about how good Reshiram is, I was totally psyched for its debut, and was ready and waiting for it with great anticipation.

Local conditions were perfect for the weather boost. I got into the first lobby for the first T5 egg’s hatch with both my main and my alt, and one of them encountered this hundo. Foolishly, I went right after the hundo, having no clue what the best catch technique is for Reshi, particularly how it appears to be much closer than it actually is. My first 8 throws were total air-balls, and half of the other 8 as well. The 4 throws that hit, barely did so, and did not catch.

After getting experience with that one, I caught the other with relative ease. I should have used the IMPERFECT one to learn, not the perfect one. Raided a hundred more times, at least, without finding another hundo.

:flushed: :sob:


100% Legendary/Mythical that are not caught burn.

Worst moment for me was when Ex Raids first came out and were only one a month before they went weekly.
There was only 3 of us to reach L40 at the time. Month after month I never received an Ex Pass despite raiding numerous Ex Gyms and had to continually listen/read about low level players only doing 1 Raid and receiving Ex Passes every time they were issued. It would be an understatement to say how :rage: I was about the whole thing when Niantic were putting out info saying saying Gym Badge level and Player level increased your chances of getting an Ex Pass. I was Gold on the Gyms and already at the highest game level at the time.
Finally I get an Ex Pass and my Mewtwo busts out all the balls and flees. I was too numb to get :rage: at the time. That anger at the game came after.


I just remembered this. I once put my phone away for a second, I think I wanted to cross the road or something, and when I looked up again apparently I had bought 20 PokeBalls. :man_facepalming:


yep. Never leave your phone open on pokémon go in your pocket… it might even cost you a few pokecoins, or in my case, one of my 3 or 4 shiny mawile immedeately after I caught it.

Almost forgot this experience

When I evolved my 100% Eevee thinking I was going to get a Sylveon and got a Flareon.


Not mine but a fellow player in our community used a wrong search-filter he set and deleted ALL his non-shiny and non-100% pokemon in 1 go. Everything gone!. 98% powered up legendaries, pvp-pokemon, if it wasn’t shiny or 100%: gone!

Luckily he’s part of our main group and always plays with friends, so he’s got motive to keep playing. Most other players would have quit I think.


Back in the days before I had any gyms or pokestops in my village I used to find it almost impossible to get any coins.

On my weekly visit to the ‘big’ local town I had to battle teams of 6 tough reds or blues just to put a poke in a gym… I was yellow and only about 5% of other players in my area were in my team.

Anyway… one particularly frustrating day I caught a guy in the act of retaking the gym I had beaten less than 10 minutes before. So I shouted at him and basically forced him to stop.

I still feel awful about it now. It turned out the guy was actually a really nice fellow and he was having a tough time too. We got talking and still keep in touch to this day.

I think this was a fundamental flaw in the game. It should’ve been making me happy not angry. It should make you friendly towards other players and not antagonistic.

Thankfully, things are a lot better now. More gyms and stops and enough room for all - not perpetual ‘turf wars’ over something as silly as in-game currency. But I still feel bad about haranguing the guy and embarrassed by my own behaviour.


Worst moment becomes nice story…

In fairness to the flawed-but-still-least-unjust capitalist system, that “in-game currency” translates pretty directly into real-world revenue, a major factor in stock value, and one of the main determinants of whether the game remains viable as a product / service.