Worst 100 IV in your squad?

One of my first posts on this forum was “Best 100 IV in your squad?”, but now I’d love to see the worst. Has anyone got any truly useless 100% IV Pokemon? Pidgeys, Rattatas…

For me the Masquerain is the least likely to get any use

My 100 Wailmer.

I can say with absolute certainty that this guy is never getting powered up!

Half decent defender maybe when it’s evolved?

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Yeah I can understand that hahaha although I do have this long term goal that whenever I reach level 40 I’ll fully power up my 100 IVs and get them the best moveset, just as a collectors item. But this would be a serious investment for something with no potential

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In addition to that 15 I have Blastoise and Furret. Choose your golden pieces xD

Well, let’s choose🤔

I haven’t got one, or I don’t know that I have one

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Do you not IV check Pokemon or are you more of a collector?

I am new to GO HUB. I don’t know what to do with IV, but since I’m a member, I have checked them. But only a few, because I have to check LOAAAADS now. But it’s funny, so I’m going to check them this week.

Do you battle gyms or do raids very often? IVs can be quite important for getting the best out of your Pokemon when battling, it’s worth even checking the IVs of the “meta relevant” ones e.g. Dragonite, Tyranitar

Sometimes, but I mostly pick the ‘Very Effective’ ones.

I’d say my linoone or mightyena.

That’ll be my 100% IV Skitty

A 147 CP Weedle. yaaaaaaaay… useless but I’m keeping it anyway. Not even gonna evolve it because it’s more hilarious this way.

At least Beedrill has a Mega, in case mega forms are released

100% 202 CP Aaron, i would need about 180,000 Stardust to power it at a useful level…

I had a weedle at one point, but I must have accidentally transferred it…oh well, not losing any sleep over it

Other than that, I guess my slowking since I’ve never used it for anything



How did you get that much Unown Candy?

Events also they spawn a lot in the bay area