Worldwide Pokemon GO Fest Participants

What did you do to participate or prepare for the Festival?

Personally I had stocked myself to the gills with poke balls. My wife paid for hers. We basically had plans to be available and participate in every challenge to the fullest extent that day. We ended up going through about 200 pokeballs each for the first and second event. ~800 pokeballs total. Pat myself on the back

Now given that there was very little (none) communication by Niantic I wasn’t even aware that they were having issues until after the 2nd event ended.

I had to look up clarifications as to why our progress from the first even wasn’t rolling over… at which point I was made privvy to fiasco that was the event. At which point we were receiving conflicting reports as to whether or not the event or subsequent challenges were still happening (again no official word from Niantic)

My son and I managed to catch the last 5 minutes of challenge 3, again only to see that they weren’t going to have a mystery event, and then all the benefits/concessions being made to/for attendees.

Do you feel that the extended bonuses was enough compensation/consideration made for the “forgotten” worldwide participants?

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