Won't Login - Pokemon not Found - Various Issues

Past few days I’ve been having this issue in various towns, weak and strong connection … I click to start the game, the progress bar gets as far as the “Y” of “your surroundings” and kinda hangs. After 2-3 times closing the game and trying again it will finally decide to load and loads quite quickly. Almost seems to work best if I disable WiFi even though not using it.

2nd issue… and this even happens on WiFi so not a signal strength issue at all. I login, a Pokemon pops up, I click it and I get the red bar at the top saying not found and it’s gone. Had it happen 5x yesterday and 2x today.

Also… and a harder issue to duplicate. I did my field research, got (another) Raikou, threw the ball, caught it, it says congrats you caught a Buneary and go into my list and sure enough a Buneary. Close the app, re-open the app and immediately the Raikou on my screen and I catch it and this time it works. Week later, I hatched a Magikarp, and basically the exact same thing happened.

Not sure what’s up but since the last update, it’s been a mess. Attempting to fix another issue I have cleared data, cache, uninstalled, cleared system cache, reinstalled so… not seeing a point in doing that again. Only thing left is to factory reset the phone and try again… rather not though.

Anyone else having weird issues? Fun game when it works… aggravating when it has issues. :slight_smile:

Huawei P20 Pro, android v9

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I’ve had the login issues but never the Pokemons name changing

I had it 2x in the past, just catching ones that popped up… Wailmer that turned into a Hoppip which was annoying because REALLY need Wailmer candy. Other I can’t recall what it was but wasn’t important. Those times were months apart, and after caught that was that, the original never popped back up again.

The last 2x though one was a research field task reward and the other an egg reward and after caught I had candy and a Pokemon that was totally different. Logoff/on and the reward Pokemon reappeared.

Just did the force stop, delete cache, delete data, uninstall, reboot, reinstall… seems to be becoming a weekly ritual.

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My brother is have in that problem

Hopefully next update it goes back to normal. Finally upgraded my phone and got maybe a solid month of use before having issues. :confounded:

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Lol true