Wonder Trading in Pokemon Go

I personally hope this feature comes to the game soon. Wonder Trading was one of the coolest things to do in the main games, and it would be really cool in Pokemon Go.

How it works is best explained by imagining 4 people all start a wonder trade. They choose their Pokemon to trade. Then they are randomly paired up. The 2 people in each pair trade the Pokemon they selected and each gets the other’s Pokemon. This could work for regionals, or just trading Pokemon that are common in different areas.

For example, someone in a desert biome could select rhyhorn, and someone in a coastal biome could choose magikarp. In the desert biome, Magikarp could be really rare, and it could be the other way round for the coastal biome. However, as they both traded, they now both got a Pokemon they considered rare for a Pokemon they considered common.

The system could give you 1 candy for the Pokemon you get, although my idea would be that you would unlock a Wonder Trade Key for every 500m you walked after level 15.

Do you think wonder trading will come to Pokemon Go? Do you think Wonder Trading in Pokemon Go is a good idea?


In another thread I have explained what I think about the value of each pokemon, so the trading could function and could be fair…
In your system the definition of “rare” needs to be pre-established by a value, if not, it can be used for unfair tradings.
The list of values of the pokemon could be different, depending if your living in different biomes. But accept an exchange of a Magikarp for a Rhyhorn, only because both players declare them “rare”… no, I don’t like it. There have to be externals which value each one, and give their “Thumb Up” or not.


If it was to be implemented, maybe the game could define what is rare for you based off your Pokedex “seen” and “caught” stats? That way if you’ve been playing the game since the beginning and have only seen 30 of a certain Pokemon, it would deem that as “Class 1 rare” and assign it a high rarity value like your system suggests.


Personally, i think unrestricted wonder trading would add an element of fun that (IMO) the game really needs. I could get a group of my friends and hold little “trading tournaments” to see who could get the biggest Pokemon with a pidgey, or Youtubers could make great videos about it.

But then wouldn’t high level players trading dratini and such get stuck with pidgey from level 5 accounts?

Fair point. I hadn’t put a huge amount of thought into it but yeah you’re right that is something that would need to be looked at. Maybe also include the base stats of Pokémon in order to determine “strength” and “rarity”?