Wonder Trading in Pokemon Go - Good idea or bad idea?

I was wondering what your opinion is on wonder trading in Pokemon Go. It is one of my favourite things to do in the main series. Here is what it basically is in case you did not know.

Wonder trading is when you choose a Pokemon from your collection, and someone else around the world who has done the same switches Pokemon with you.
One of the best things about it is that I could trade out a Mr. Mime and then someone outside of Mr Mime range could get themselves a Mr Mime from it. The disadvantage would be if not enough people did it then you wouldn’t get a trade partner but with Pokemon Go’s huge community that shouldn’t be a problem.


That Would Be An Amazing Idea, And Many People Would Just Spend Hours Doing This To Hope That They Get An Entei Or Something Amazing. If The Game Goes Dark In Winter Again, Niantic Should Do This.

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This is the way how trade evolution works. When 2 players exchange their pokemon which require ‘trading’ and evolution items, it is an alternative use of your evolution items and response to hardcore players.

Like regular trading, Wonder Trading can trigger trade evolutions. (Quote from Pokemon Bulbapedia)

I see your point of view, but don’t forget those people who supplant inferior players in Pokemon GO. This is the downside of trading, or even wonder trading. Try to imagine if other trainers exchange a kidney with you because of your trainer level (assuming a newcomer’s situation), how would you feel?

Not sure what your driving at @Yoshi it might be that English is not your native language. Regardless I’m missing your point

Chucking in endless Pidgeys and Rats in hopes of receiving someone’s generosity would be quite boring, and definitely isn’t what this game needs.


Yeah you get what I meant to point out. Trading Pokemon like pidgey and rattata is meaningless. Indeed, we should recognize the importance of trading. We shall be trading shinies, legendaries, ultra rare Pokemon and regional exclusive Pokemon.


:slightly_frowning_face: My English level still requires substantial improvement.

Your English is better than most Americans. This was just an isolated case.