Wobbuffet wearing Lipstick! (And other gender differences)

Exactly as the title states. Caught one. I’m like “WTF! Did this thing always have that?!”

Checked up. It was a girl. Looked in my inventory. My one good saved is a boy with no lipstick. Have girl buffets always had lipstick? I just never bothered to notice? Is this new?

I’ve never heard of any other costume or cosmetic differences within species other then pikachu hats and shiny fish. Discovery?

I snapped a pic. Just got a new phone and don’t feel like imgur hassling.


All part of the male female differences some pokemon have.
Murkrow female hat is smaller
magicarp whiskers are white for female gold for male
gyrados whiskers blue for male white for female
Pickahu has heart shape on end of tail
Raichu has no sharp point at tip of tail for female
wooper has smaller side whisker for female
The list goes on. Congrats on a female wobbuffet


Haha, yes all the girls of Wobbuffet have this lipstick.
I’m a collector and allways store one of both gender (when I find them and there are both).
There are some others with gender-differences, as Doduo, the boy has a dark neck, the girl ones is of a clear brown.
The Sneasel boy has a long feather on his head, the girl a short one.
And don’t forget Pikachu, the boy has a clean cutted tail, the girl has one in form of a heart.


LOL, I got one of those the first day gen 2 launched! So weird but funny!

Been around for 10 years at least. :stuck_out_tongue:


Until I had not catched a Sneasel-girl, I had no idea that there were differences… But really, the Wobbuffet is a little bit strange, it remembers me of Freddie Mercury (don’t ask me why)

haha, I checked the sound she makes but that can’t be the reason :slight_smile:

Noo, I believe it’s because of one song where Freddy acts in the video as waitress cleaning the dust in a house…


:notes: I WANT TO BREAK FREE :notes:


Eso eeees… That’s it :joy_cat:
Do you understand now?

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I do! I can see why she/it reminds you of him.

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Lolz. Stop melting the millennials brains!

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Hahahaha, pleeease, don’t take it bad, it’s so nice to find something funny. And you can be shure, it`s not because of you, only you have put the “Rolling Stone”… :joy_cat: :joy_cat: :joy_cat:

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Haha, If you just noticed this I’m guessing you don’t know there’s a difference in your Sudowoodos :smiley: Check that out… imagine when Torchic comes :v … It’s like a little feather on it’s butt. :see_no_evil:

Yeah, the branches on their head are a little bit smaller in the girl.
Here is complete list in Gen I and Gen II:

Nice did a quick check of some i didn’t notice, looks like all those are covered.

I need to start looking at them more.

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I think gender differences are interesting on Pokémon

All female wobuffet’s have lipstick while males have no lipstick. If you look in the pokedex you could find some funny gender difference, like a female pikachu has a heart on its tail.