Will we See New Levels?

So some of you guys have already hit level 40. Lucky eggs are effectively useless. So what if they add new levels with Gen 3?

I don’t see them adding more levels until some percentage of the player base are maybe 35 or above. There’s no point expanding the levels if there’s very few Level 40’s

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Because of raids & double XP events there are many more reaching level 40 every day. This global Catch Challenge gives punters 40k XP from a legendary raid - leveling up by using lucky eggs is easy.
I’ve done over a million XP with just catches & no evolutions so far (there’ll come shortly :smile:)


My local Discord alone has seen 10 players in the last 3 days reach level 40 with another 6 that I know that expect to get there in the next 2 days.
I’m seeing a lot of L40 trainer names in Gym now too.

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Just a wild guess but based on the players in our discord group I would guess 50% of the players are above level 34.

My Group has
Level 11
Level 13
Level 23
Level 25
Level 29
Level 29
Level 30
Level 34 (Me)
Level 36

A sizeable group but excessively underleveled - level 4 raids aren’t really possible still with all of us…

I would make sure you guys are powering up the right kinds of pokemon to go against your lv 4 raid bosses. I’ve easily done lv4 raids with less people and not as high level as you have above. I would even say I’ve done legendary raids with similar level people with your group size/levels.

I know but me(34) 36 and to a lesser extent 30, the 2 29s 25 are the only ones who catch Pokemon frequently. The others kind of hardly play…

Yep - it’s all about the type advantage. Lots of people have already maxed out their highest IV / CP mons but you don’t really need to with the number of people raiding & STAB.