Will there be any possible Pokemon getting issues which might be postponed on releasing them in further generations?

As we got Ditto released not as our expectations (late for 5 months) and even Smeragle and Delibird are not yet released until now (with no news), I could just think of new possible non-legendary Pokemon to be released not as usual.

351:Castform ( 4 additional forms which require a weather system)
479: Rotom (can transform into 5 forms similar to electronic appliances)
745: Lycanroc (3 forms which the dusk forms cannot be received in normal ways)
746. Wishiwashi (change into its weak form when it is under 20% HP)

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Did you say delibird and smeargle are out?! You said until now as in it just got released? If so, why has it not been reported yet?

Oh I just meaning they’re not yet released and far behind schedule.
Although Niantic hasn’t reported any official news about these 2 Pokemon, something related to ‘Ditto’ was data-mined in 0.71.0 , it might be a sign of releasing them.

Oh cool, can’t wait till they’re released.

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I suspect Delibird will be around Christmas.

As for Smeargle… dunno.

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Hopefully abilities will be introduced with gen 3, as I can’t imagine how Shedinja will be possible otherwise

Shedinja would be a unique case, and might be the start of the Ability chain in Pokémon Go. However, we still need Smeargle and Delibird, so let’s wait for them first.

Delibird and Smeragle are expected to be released with gen 3 Pokemon.