Will the regis be important in gen4?

I’ve seen their stats and they are not great attackers which makes me think that they’ll either only be good with their abilities or when gen4 arrives where they become the regi hybrid. So what is it exactly?

They will not be that useful in the game meta. They have week attack stats and can’t be put in gyms. They are mostly coveted Dex filler.


We are not expecting anything exciting for the Regis in Gen III or IV

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Cant wait for the regis to arrive. It will give me a reason to skip a few raids since they are indeed not really worth much, besides something you want in your pokedex.

Amazing TDO, horrible DPS, only useful in raids where you can afford to try to save potions
And their abilities are crappy as well

I think what you are referring to is the gen 4 Pokémon Regigigas. To get regigigas in generation 4 you had to have all three other Regis in your party to encounter it. Are you wondering if you will need all three to battle Regigigas in the future? At this point my assumption would be no because Niantic has never put restrictions like that on raids, but it’s so far away we can’t know for sure.

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