Will I lose my chance to catch mew?

In May or when ever a new special research comes out. Will I lose my chance to catch new? It took me forever to find a ditto and now I’m stuck on the 10 raid battles.

We can’t know yet, but I guess no.

By that time I guess you already got Mew tho.

It took me 8 days for those raids…

I’m still working on the raids. It will be my 3rd weekend. I told my son we have to finish because they might change Mew to Celiby next month. In all honesty, I don’t think they will change Mew until they cycle through all 3 birds. The story quest was designed for beginners and one of the requirements is you have to reach Level 25.

Lol I do lots of Magikarp raids for that quest.

They don’t switch Mew into Celebi. They probably make new quests for it. No switch. Otherwise nobody can get Celebi or so.

It won’t change and you’ll most likely need to do the mew quest before you can even can do the Celibi quest.
Prediction: celebi will be quest 9 and beyond.

I still don’t have ditto and many people have only just started. I imagine there won’t be an end date.

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Well I hope they let you finish Mew before forcing you to start Celibi quest.

I think the mew quest lasts as long as you have it in progress. After completion you’ll continue to next one if available. Also if you are joining the game after next quest coming up, you’ll have to do mew quest first. Just my guess

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And also my guess.

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