Will Alolan Pokemon be meta?

Will Alolan Pokemon be meta? I know their types change and I was just wondering if any of the new Alolan versions will be meta! Maybe Alolan Exeggutor?

Alolan ninetails will be a solid dragon slayer


RE Exec and Golem. Not sure how useful they will be as Alolan Exec can only learn dragon tail & dragon hammer in the other games. So most likely moveset would be DT/ S Beam. A powerful moveset but can’t imagine it to be especially useful. Same with Golem, it’s electric typing gives it less weaknesses but can’t imagine any hugely meta relevant movesets on the cards.
Ninetails on the other hand could be an amzing dragon slayer. Fairy + Ice typing gives it immunity to dragon types in the main games so double resistance in PoGo

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Definetly Golem and Exeguttor.

I agree, on par with walrein.

I’d say better since it will have a resistance to dragon moves unlike walrein but strength wise definitely

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