Wild spawn of third evolution of 3 gen

Why the third evolution of generation 3 is not in the wild, same implies for the babies from gen 2 and 3.
Did anyone having any answers.

Why should babies be in the wild?


Lol babies in wild🤣

as to answer to the why: it’s to keep PoGo interesting and time consuming.

If they added third stage evo’s people would complete their pokedex faster and thus quit the game faster to wait for the next gen or new stuff or just quit at all.

I compare this to the same problem WoW (and many other games) has: people clear content faster and faster and faster and faster but the devs can’t keep up with new content, and the player base starts to lose interest and starts fluctuating. And as we all know: lower layerbase = less money earned and that’s all that matters right?


Thats true

Make them ultra rare like other 3rd evolution of 1st an 2nd gen.

No no it’s just a question why.

Babies are in the wild gen 4 and beyond…so…

Wouldn’t work, too many scanners & maps, people would have the 1st 100%er of each of them on day one then it would take a week to farm enough candy to max them out.

It was done (IMO) as a way to drag Gen3 out even further. Even a month after Gen2 Came Out a lot of people were done with it. It’s there way of slowing everyone done until Gen4

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