Wild Ideas for PoGo

Anybody have a wild ideas you may want implemented in the game? It could be impossible to be implemented but who cares, at least you got an idea… :rofl:

This just come through my mind…

  1. A Pokestop or Gym for a day!

Yes, you read it right.

  • Could be FREE like one in a year as a birthday present from the developer for still playing the game for more than a year.

  • Could be on SALE on the Shop (Niantic would want this) so anyone who would want it, when they want it, could buy and use it where they want it like in a special real life event (birthday party, etc.)

  • Could be Time limited but I want it for 24 hours that’s why I called it “for a day”.

  • Could be limited used per player like once in a week, once in a month or even once in a year.

I believe it could not be that hard to implement(programming code) though this is a disruptive implemantation. :grinning:

Any violent reaction? Please Don’t :pray: :grinning:

I hope Niantic have eyes and ears here on the board. :grinning::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Amazing idea!:grin:


dont really understand it much

Yeah! It would be wonderful to implement that idea.

we are getting pokestop submissions so i dont think this would happen tho

So… Do we just put our ideas in here? Because I got one… How about if you have friends that are closeby and you see that they catch something you wanna catch, it tells you where it may be near or its distance away from you. Like a journal for your friends.

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I think that they mean if you could get a signature Pokestop that you can incorporate into the game temporarily. Maybe Niantic Kids can have it, since the kids can’t submit Pokestop. They can submit one, but get it to be real once in a while.

just make it so kids can submit pokestops. whats wrong with that?

i mean i really wanna submit one at my enemy’s house to piss him off lol, but does it come instantly?

I don’t know, but Niantic isn’t having it, this might be an alternative.

I think that you have to get votes that the Pokestop is real.

niantic hates kids, thats the problem. im a teen so they probably hate me too

ah thats unfourtnate maby i can get people to vote for it

I wouldn’t say that Niantic hates teens or kids, it’s just that they want parents to have more control on their childrens’s account.

P.S. I can relate.

Yeah, but why would you want to go to your enemy’s house to spin a Pokestop?

Oh… you want people to go to his house and he gets a lot of people knowing where his house is. You are devious!:smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

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